Central Jersey Equipment’s Ready-To-Mow program provides standard preventative maintenance for any type of lawn equipment at your home. A certified technician will arrive in a specialty truck to service your equipment right in your driveway. Regularly scheduled annual maintenance with Ready-To-Mow will help extend the investment you have made in your John Deere mower, reduce costly repair bills, and leave a well maintained green lawn in the process.

Call your closest Central Jersey Equipment dealer to schedule a service or fill out the form below to schedule a Ready-To-Mow service via e-mail.

Rates by Model for Ready-To-Mow services (not including tax):

LA Series Annual Maintenance Service    $250.00
D Series Annual Maintenance Service      $250.00
X Series Annual Maintenance Service      $275.00
EZ-Trak Annual Maintenance Service       $300.00

All other models call/email the service department.

For Service, please click on Service Form link to submit your service request.     SERVICE REQUEST FORM