Making Farming Easier for More Than 100 Years

Krone was founded in Spelle, Germany, in 1906 with the intention of making farming more efficient and profitable. Following many years of growth and expansion, Krone North America was established in 1973 and continues to further that vision by supplying innovative, performance-engineered equipment that has become the benchmark in the hay and forage industry. 


Krone is still owned and operated by the Krone family, and visionary leader Bernard Krone has hands-on involvement in company operations. As a result, each and every machine bearing the Krone name is engineered to meet the same time-tested, exacting standards that have earned Krone a worldwide reputation for quality.

Customer Driven

Because hay and forage equipment is all we do—not an afterthought—we understand our customers. We know that they understand their business better than anyone. So, when we set out to design equipment that meets the unique needs of our customers better than any other company in the industry, we start by asking them what they need. As a privately held company, we can do that because we don’t answer to shareholders—we answer to our customers.


Customer input and feedback drives everything we do. Our engineers spend time in the field with our customers so they can incorporate their feedback into innovative machines that improve their efficiency in the field. We back that equipment with a responsive support system staffed with people who know our products and understand that time is money for the hay and forage producer.


From our management team to our parts and service staff and our warehouse personnel, every member of the Krone North America organization is solely focused on delivering the best products and support possible to hay and forage producers.

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Quality -- Innovation -- Performance